Art Competition and Exhibition

Updated: May 5


Just an update on the Art Competition and Exhibition to better explain what is happening.

Whilst we said it was a competition, we did not mean that entries would be assessed. We would just like to see all the creativity we have seen displayed in our courses to help in decorating the College for our Celebration. As such

  • Eckersley's vouchers will be randomly awarded to entries

  • Items completed in the Creative Care course can be submitted

  • Multiple entries gratefully received.

Entries will be one of the ways we will be decorating the College, more information will be supplied in another blog.

To celebrate the end of the Recovery College Trial, we would like you paint, sculpt or design an artwork that tells the story of your time at the Recovery College and what it has meant to you.

All entries must be summitted by close of business on the 14th May, 2021 to Mel at

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