New Year, New You!!

Have you wondered how you can identify your strengths better? Or needing to set more concrete goals? Do you want to better understand the ACT Mental Health System? Are you looking to find ways to be more creative on your recovery journey? Or are you really keen to change your lifestyle to be more healthy and active for the future?

Then look no further!! We have you covered with a wide variety of courses on offer this upcoming term. Be sure to visit the Courses page on our site to see an overview of some of the courses we have on offer this year.

Some of the new courses that we are excited to be running are:

  • Buried in Treasures

  • 'Blossom & Bloom' - Creative Flower arranging

  • Finding my Way - Drawing on spirituality and meaning for life’s recovery journey

  • Mindful Origami

  • Living well with Grief

The ACT Recovery College enrolments for Term 1 of 2020 are now open. New term commences Monday 10th February. Click here to complete an online enrolment form

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