'R U OK' Day

Today is National 'R U OK' Day and in support of this initiative the ACT Recovery College would like to encourage everyone to have a conversation with someone they care about. We all have times in life that are difficult and a kind word, a listening ear and a chance to talk can make all the difference. Drop around a meal, take someone's dog for a walk, offer to babysit, mow their lawn, send a card but most importantly, check-in! And if you are not feeling OK today, remember that IT WILL PASS. Education, hope and connection can be found here at our College to help you on your recovery journey.

To find out more about National 'R U OK' Day, visit their website: https://www.ruok.org.au/join-r-u-ok-day

A yummy cake made by one of our Creative Care students to share with other participants

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