Welcome to the team - Mel

It's with much excitement that we announce that Mel Thornberry has joined the ACT Recovery College team in the Office Administration role.

Mel brings a wealth of experience to the role along with a really warm and lovely presence. Our students and educators can be assured that Mel will be there to greet you all with her beautiful smile and bubbly personality as we recommence on-site classes in the upcoming new term.

Mel will will be working part time in the College office on Tuesday's and Wednesday's undertaking some of the administration duties that Kylie had been juggling. She will continue to work closely with Kylie on Wednesday's to better understand the role as Kylie begins to slowly transition out to focus on her new employment opportunity.

So be sure when you are in the area next - stop in and say hi, introduce yourselves and extend a warm welcome to Mel as the newest member of the dynamic ACTRC team!

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