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Optimising Recovery under the NDIS:

(4 week course) Over four weeks, we will be exploring different perspectives of recovery and how to use both informal and formal supports, including the NDIS, to achieve own personal goals of recovery.


This course will be held off-site in Canberra City and is facilitated by Terri and Ben.


Intro to Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness (YMaM)

(2 hrs course over 6 sessions) The course is designed to be an introduction to yoga, meditation & mindfulness (YMaM).


Over the course of each session students will be introduced to yogic concepts surrounding areas of life applicable to mental health recovery (mind, body, soul).

They will discuss their thoughts on the yogic approach to these issues and have the opportunity to do appropriate physical practice (yoga poses, breath-work, meditation) to experience these techniques for themselves and to begin cultivating their own YMaM practice as appropriate for them.

This course will be held off-site at in Chifley and is facilitated by Andrew and Karen


Goal Setting for Well-being Workshop

Goal Setting for Well-being Workshop

(6 hr workshop) This workshop is a hands-on, practical guide to visualising and setting goals to experience recovery and fulfilment in life. By the end of the course, students will be able to:

a) identify areas for goal setting,

b) be able to set specific goals,

c) be able to list the steps needed to make progress with these goals, and;

d) understand the S.M.A.R.T. Goals techniques.

This course is facilitated by Roisin and Fiona. Please note: Fiona sometimes facilitates this course with her assistance dog, Leo. 

The location is at an ACT Health Location TBC


Finding My Way - Drawing on Spirituality & meaning for life's recovery journey

(6 Week) You can gain insight and value from this course regardless of whether or not you consider yourself spiritual or religious. Our aim is for you to identify your core beliefs and meaning and how that impacts your journey, whether you are a person living with mental illness, a carer or just curious. We begin with an exploration of what spirituality means and move through a three-stage model giving you skills and knowledge to use in your recovery journey. 

This course will be held over ZOOM, and is facilitated by John and Heather, a Zoom host TBC 


Understanding Trauma and Awareness - Initiating a trauma-aware and trauma-responsive approach

(1 x 6 & 1/2 Hour Workshop) When faced with a traumatic experience, we naturally respond with a range of reactions. Trauma can leave physical wounds to be healed, material losses to be replaced, and casualties to be grieved.  For some, the emotional effects of trauma seem to diminish over time.  The traumatic event is not forgotten but the associated pain may be reduced. 


This course gives students an understanding of the types of trauma and ways to deal with 

This course will be held at an ACT Health Location TBA, and is facilitated by Fiona and another TBC.


Living Grief and Loss: A real journey in mental health

(3 hr course): There are many different types of grief and many are not related to death. Grief can arise from loss of health, roles, hopes and dreams. Sometimes it is recognised by others but often it is hidden.

This course will give you insight into identifying aspects of grief which may be present in your own life or in the life of those who you love and care for. It provides an introductory window into ways that you can live well with grief as an occasional or even constant companion.

This course will be held over ZOOM, and is facilitated by John and Twisty.


Nutrition Education Skills Training (NEST) - Healthy Eating and Easy Cooking for Families & individuals on a budget

NEST 1-hour presentation will be delivered via Zoom. In this session discuss how to eat healthily on a budget and reduce food waste.
At the end of the session, students will be emailed 2 recipes to try at home along with some supporting information from the presentation. This is a great introduction to healthy eating on a budget and is delivered free of charge to ACT Recovery College students.

Link to the flyer is here.


Buried in Treasures: Continued from Term 3, 2020

(16 weeks - 8 x 3 hour sessions - held over 2 terms)

BIT will continue with our current enrolments from Term 3 into Term 4. We cannot accept any new enrolments for this course this term.


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