Term 2, 2021

Expressions of Interest have now CLOSED. 

 Starting from the week of 21st April

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Course Descriptions

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Creative Care for Recovery:

(6 week course) Creativity evolves as we experience, create and express! This course is an introduction to art therapy whilst physically distancing. Our educator, J'Qui (Jacquie), will help you to discover all sorts of wonderful alternative art supplies from around your home. You will be pleasantly surprised what you can repurpose into art with meaning.


No experience required.

This course is facilitated by J'Qui (Jacquie)


Learning about Distress Tolerance

(2 week course) This course will teach students about what distress tolerance is and the importance of it. We will also explore different types of distress tolerance techniques that can be applied to our everyday lives. By adding these techniques into a personalised action plan, you will be well equipped to get through stressful situations without making them worse.

This course is facilitated by Jess and Fiona.


Shining a light on Depression

(3 hour course) Depression is more common than people think. It can range from feeling down to a diagnosis of clinical depression. Many people bounce back when feeling sad, flat or worn out, yet for some an intervention is needed. However, mutual support as we journey through these times is important. The course seeks to give each participant an understanding of depression and tools that can assist an individual to grow in their agency in their recovery journey and self-care.

This three-hour course is designed to reduce the stigma surrounding depression, to identify symptoms, understand possible treatments, to gain coping strategies and be introduced to a variety of self-care practices. It is aimed at the person with lived experience, those caring for people living with depression and people interested in knowing more about depression. We welcome you to join with the facilitators to know more about depression so that we can better help ourselves and/or those we care for.

This course will be facilitated by Anu and John. 


Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

(2 week course) Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a complex mental illness that is often misunderstood. A BPD diagnosis can be very scary and off-putting. This training has been designed to provide you with a good understanding of BPD. It will provide an understanding and examples of each of the BPD traits listed in the DSM-5 and how they affect behaviour. You will learn what BPD is, its origin and how prevalent it is. You will also learn about the theories about the causes and “dysregulation” means, how to distinguish between the facts and stigma around BPD and the evidence-based treatments available for people with BPD. You will be provided with useful resources and learn what support is helpful for the families of those with BPD.

This course will be facilitated by Anu and Kylie.


Understanding Trauma 

(1 day) This course will provide an opportunity for people to understand the long-term effects of trauma and the importance of reducing further trauma. Students will learn about the physiological response of trauma and how it affects behaviour and have an opportunity to learn practical skills to assist themselves and others in their recovery journey.

This course is facilitated by Natalie and Fiona